Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Update

Look who FINALLY finished his animal picture!!!!

We've added new classes. One whole class just happens to consist of girls, seven to be exact. Last week we talked about the primary colors and how they create all the other colors. This week they did a couple of projects with chalk pastels and we got pretty messy but had a good time doing it.

The "Pencil Pacers" started the year with a Mark Chagall inspired project. They had to use their imaginations for this one.
1) They had to put themselves flying or in the sky of the picture. 2) They had to have a landscape in the picture. 3) They had to have at least one building structure.
Here's the end result.

Our "No-Name" class (Yes, that is what they chose to call themselves.) is working on a "Coffee Stain" project. I hope to have pictures of them on the next post. Soon I hope to have samples from the adult oil painting class too.

We've got quite a group of enthusiastic artists. Thanks for your support of the arts!