Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wild Things

I gave the subject "Wild Things" to the kids to use an Eric Carle technique with. We've got a ground "Scorpion" a gun blasting "Monster"and a crazy "Tenny". Beth is showing her "Evil Flower". Who knew there were such creatures?
Students came up with a design/drawing then transfered it to another piece of paper by cutting out tissue paper for the color and gluing it. Then, finishing it off by tracing the original lines with a sharpie marker.
There are lots of "Wild Things" out there, I couldn't wait to post this project.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Summer Class

I haven't taken my camera to class the last few weeks and I could kick myself. I thought I'd better save face by putting up something I have done. I wanted to learn from someone I admire, this is after Sergie Bongart. I love his work and ended up enjoying the process. What a lesson in color.
I'll try to keep the camera handy to take pictures of your children's work. We only have a couple more months till summer break.

Oil Painting Class for Beginners
in June
Monday and Wednesday from 4-6:00 pm
Limited space

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just for Fun

Simple lessons can be packed with information. Take this picture for example, the kids are drawing a profile of a face and the also a face looking straight on. They are also learning about temperature, the blue/purple side is cool like the moon and the yellow/orange side is warm like the sun.
I have also discovered the joy of "watercolor" pencils. The kids color the picture and then we get out the paint brushes and water. When your done it looks like watercolor. It's perfect for days when the kids want to paint but the teacher doesn't feel like getting out all the paint and cleaning up a bunch of palettes. :)