Monday, July 12, 2010

More Summer School

Kindergarden again? Well... they like their picture taken.

I try to incorporate lessons that they are suppose to learn, like the seasons.

They traced their hand and arm for the tree trunk and branches, then used their fingers to paint the leaves gently on the tree by "tickling" the paper. (Which must be stressed, ha ha)

I usually like to do this project in the fall with orange and yellow leaves, but this was summer school and adaptable.

I like how different they all turn out, just like each one of them.

Summer School

I couldn't resist posting a couple of assignments my students did in summer school.
The kindergardeners learned about patterns and tried to do an A-B pattern around their paper creating a border using geometric shapes of their choice.

Then they were to draw a fruit bowl.

When they were done, they got to use "real" fruit (apples, oranges, carrots, etc.) to stamp fruit into the bowl with paint.

I do this project after we talk about geometric shapes, then introduce organic shapes and texture.

They turn out adorable. One of my favorite projects for the little kids.