Saturday, December 12, 2009

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas families are involved with many projects and activities. Kids have hit and miss art classes. The lessons continue as kids complete one project and move on to the next, get behind, try to catch up... it's real world time.
These girls are working on a project called "Abstract Still". The students looked at the line and form of different objects and placed them overlapping on their paper to make a design. Then they come back in with color.  (Some of them did what they were told. You KNOW who your are.;) When it is complete you have a very colorful, fun picture. This project teaches them to draw what they see, and carefully study the shape and form of objects. 
Shailee, finally completed her animal drawing and is very proud of herself. Good job Shailee!

Next time I hope to have picture that apply to the season. This class started to draw Nutcrackers and are anxious to paint them when we meet again.

The older class will be working on tight pencil renderings that I hope to post the progress of soon.

Until then, hope to see you in the studio!

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