Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let Me Introduce Myself

Happy New Year!
It's Christmas/New Years break and we have taken a couple weeks off from our regular art classes, so I thought I would take a second to introduce myself .
I've always liked to be creative and use my hands and mind to create things. Back in the day, I graduated from a little junior college (Rick's) in Illustration. I had hopes of going on to the Art Center College of Design to continue my education in art,
but life came along and swept me away.
However, my husband G. Bjorn attended the Art Center in Pasadena as
I became a mother of 4 boys.
We originally started teaching art in the studio at our home with success for three years.
Then in 2005 I went to work in an elementary school. I grew to love the teachers I worked with and the students. My favorite thing was being the school art specialist. Loved it! I decided to go back to school myself in 2007, and changed my major to Art Education.
In 2009 I had to quite my job at the school to finish up my degree. That is when we decided to start up the Youth Art Center, again.
I enjoy all kinds of art. I like looking for new and exciting projects, trying them myself and passing them on to the students. I love it when I can share with my students and they find an appreciation for creating art. There's nothing better.
In April I will have my degree in Art Education and be certified K-12.

Me with a couple of projects one inspired by Pop Art, the other a copy of a Derain painting in clay on canvas board.

Rexburg is a great little town and we hope that we can bring an influence of art and an appreciation of it to the community.
A big Thank You
to those who participate and support the
Youth Art Center.

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